For All of Maternity
Bodywork for pelvises - pregnant or not!


"After my session last Monday, I have felt amazing all week. Despite massages, chiropractic care, and multiple other interventions, I haven't gotten through a work week in years without a headache and/or shoulder and neck tension, and after 40+ hours of work at 39 weeks pregnant I felt absolutely amazing all week and still do. Will look forward to another session."   - Jenna K.

"I’ve gone to Paula for both of my pregnancies and she has done an amazing job prepping my body for labor. She would focus on areas that I felt were needed as well as ones she noticed. She also gave great advice, stretches, and other tips to help prepare for our labors. I had smooth deliveries for both pregnancies and I feel seeing her throughout was definitely what helped that happen! You won’t be disappointed!"   - Kelly L.

"Your prenatal work was phenomenal. I was so comfortable having you work on my body, and your experience meant it wasn't awkward to find a position or communicate about comfort. You seemed to know more about what would be comfortable than I did! You have such a great knowledge of the body and are very attuned to your clients. Your body balancing is holistic, thorough, and successful. I think your compassion for what your clients may be experiencing is what makes you so successful."   - Karen T.

"My prenatal massage with Paula addressed sciatic nerve pain I had been experiencing in my legs. Paula identified the muscles that were strained and worked to massage them deeply. While this caused me a lot of pain, it was exactly what I needed to feel better in the end! The amazing benefit of having Paula perform a prenatal massage before her role as doula during my delivery was that we practiced pain management together. She understood how I experienced pain and helped me practice methods of relaxing through it. I truly feel my prenatal massage helped prepare me to handle contractions during labor. One of the many advantages to getting a prenatal massage with Paula!"   - Melissa W.

"Paula has been doing bodywork on me for about three years now. I started seeing her for massage during my pregnancy and it really changed things for me. Paula made me feel so comfortable and helped me so much with her different techniques that I continued seeing her between pregnancies. Paula really has a magical touch. I was shocked when she began doing craniosacral work to see how she helped to heal my body. My husband and mom both see Paula now for massage. She has become a family favorite! I can’t say enough good things about the work that Paula does... she really does have a magical touch and is extremely in tune with her clients and what they need."   - Kari S.

"Paula has been my doula for my last two pregnancies, which has been an amazing benefit for me, and I have taken advantage of her prenatal massages several times. Besides being relaxing and rejuvenating, I believe it has helped to better align my body for an easier, shorter labor and delivery!"   - Jacinta G.